City of Palouse Brownfield Project

The City Council has approved a project proposal!   Purchase agreement is in progress.

Palouse Producers Site Cleanup Planning and Restoration 

Before – Aerial View

Before – Street View

Sometimes small cities need innovative solutions to solve big problems. With positive local leadership, a supportive community, and help from the Washington Department of Ecology, Palouse found that very solution.

The City of Palouse had received a number of inquiries about the property on East Main Street, formerly owned by Palouse Producers, on topics ranging from general cosmetic cleanup needs to future reuse. The “Palouse Producers Brownfield” is located on the right bank of the North Fork Palouse River. The condition of the property, possible contamination of the substrate, and risk to the river were not fully understood. Before city officials could decide what to do, they needed to find out more information about the property’s history and condition, and look at potential reuse options. The City of Palouse was able to find answers to these questions through the use of a Washington Dept. of Ecology (DOE) Integrated Planning Grant (IPG). The funding allowed the city to hire the experts needed to fill in the blanks.

Palouse was selected to receive the IPG due to the strong local leadership and established record of local/state partnership that yields completed projects, on budget and on time. Site cleanup was just one part of Palouse goals for the property. Reuse that offered a return on the public investment to the community and other stakeholders, and environmental safety benefits were the end goals.

Thanks to the planning and clean up funding, the site has been cleaned and is ready for reuse. The city would like to see the property back in the hands of a private owner and developed to enhance Palouse’s downtown, and be of value to its citizens once again.

After – Aerial View

After – Street View

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