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A Message From the Mayor

The City of Palouse is a special place with limitless potential, where everyone deserves equal access to opportunity, happiness, and a bright future.

Our City is here to help foster those ideals in every neighborhood. It exists to serve you and be a resource for you, your family, and your community.

Tim Sievers,
Your Mayor


City Parks and Trails

Play and explore our City Parks and Trails.


Across from the Palouse’s Hayton-Greene Park, and 3 blocks from Palouse’s historic downtown.


Learn about our local Fire - EMS Department.


Learn about our Police Department.


Learn about the Greenwood Cemetery and view Cemetery records.


Tim Sievers


Misty La Follett

City Administrator

Jamie Gaber

Deputy Clerk

Joel Anderson

Officer in Charge

Mike Wolf

Public Works Superintendent

Walter Fealy

Waste Treatment Operator

Evan Weagraff

Parks and Cemetery

Jacob Billington

Building Inspector

Bishop Law Office

City Attorney

City Council Members

Sarah Bofenkamp

Chair - Budget, Finance, & Major Acquisitions

Chair - Youth Advisory Board

Water & Sewer

Email Sarah

Angie Griner

Chair - Water & Sewer

Email Angie

Leslie Jo Sena

Chair - Personnel

Joint Fire Board

Email Leslie

Molly Quigley

Budget, Finance, & Major Acquisitions

Policy & Administration, Joint Fire Board

Email Molly

Rainy Anderson

Budget, Finance, & Major Acquisitions

Email Rainy

Robert Brooks

Chair - Streets, Property, & Facilities

Personnel, Water & Sewer

Email Robert

Ann Barrington

Chair - Policy & Administration

Streets, Property, & Facilities, Personnel

Email Ann
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